Car Diagnostic Tool

Car Diagnostic Tools

Car Diagnostic ToolOur vehicles in recent years have become more complicated. You almost cannot have an oil change without the help of a car diagnostic tool.

Gone our the days when you and dad scooted on your back under the car with wrenches, bolted parts and greased fittings together to fix whatever problem or noise was coming from the car.

Self oil changes was a weekend project and it was nothing to change your own brake pads on a sunny afternoon.

Car makers have made our life easier with fancy computers and self diagnostics that turn our ride into a smooth, comfortable chamber of convenience and gadgets.

A lot of times if something is wrong or about to go wrong, the car can detect the issue and warn you of the impending problem before it does any further damage.

Although not fool proof the computers that run our cars these days has given us a little more peace of mind that we can enjoy a fully operational car for years at a time with minimal problems.

Any mechanic shop these days also possesses a car diagnostic computer that can be attached to the vehicle and detect any problem from lost compression in a line to more serious electrical problems.

Both of these tools are essential in our computerized world today.

Mechanic Shop Tools

The diagnostic tool your mechanic uses to find and repair a problem with your vehicle comes in lots of different forms.

There are hand held scanners that can detect leaks in gas and brake lines , air hoses and radiator hoses. There are scanners for electrical problems that can happen anywhere on your vehicle from the front to the back.

There are big stand up computers that attach to various plugs in a computer or on the engine, these tools can detect almost any problem from engine efficiency to the need of an oil change.

Internal Diagnostics

Inside every newer vehicle is a self diagnostic computer. It tracks your vehicles performance, when it needs an oil change, how much air is in your tires, when a gas cap is loose and even if a problem has occurred in the electrical system.

This internal diagnostic will alert you well before a problem gets out of hand, can give you instructions on how to handle the problem and save you costly repairs do unnecessarily damaged parts.

We may have become too reliant on modern computers, but in the long run the car diagnostic tool has given us peace of mind on the road.


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No one understands transmission work in the Miami, Fl area better than KH Car & Boat Mechanic. Transmissions are a special breed of automotive work that requires additional training, industry insight, and specialized handling. Our experts possess all of those qualities and more!

We enjoy sharing transmission information with our customers. It is important to understand that not all auto repair shops work on transmissions. There is a reason for this. Repairs require specialized equipment, parts, and professional skill. Jobs usually involve extra labor hours, making them cost more than other types of repairs.

Have you parked your car somewhere only to return a stream of pink fluid coming out from underneath it? That may be a transmission fluid leak. You might have a faulty connection, loose bolt, or other transmission malfunction that needs immediate attention. Fixing a problem like any of these immediately will save thousands of dollars in the future.

We do transmission replacements for those situations in which simply repairing the transmission will not suffice. Depending upon the individual circumstances, a transmission replacement may be a viable option instead of buying a newer car. We offer the best prices around. This is due to our industry longevity resulting in us having valuable relationships with transmission manufacturers, dealers, and other shops. We pass these savings on to you.

Are you confused about what a transmission actually does? You are in luck. Our professionals love sharing their knowledge to turn motorists into well-informed drivers. It can only help you!

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Car Maintenance

Auto/Boat Repair

KH Car & Boat Mechanic has a reputation for being the auto repair place to go to when you are in the Miami, Fl area. Customers love coming to our shop because it is clean, comfortable, and inviting. We take great pride in maintaining a welcoming environment for everyone.

Know that the auto repair mechanic working on your car is industry certified, specially trained, and current with all legalities. This ensures that you receive the best services possible. Not only are our employees industry experts, but they have strong people skills. Everyone here simply loves talking with customers!

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the auto repair services you receive, simply inform our staff. We are here to help. Customer satisfaction is a key concern of ours. We will do our best to rectify the situation to everyone’s satisfaction.

Do you have a pesky warning light going on and off? This can be a signal of something serious or something as simple as a fuse needing replacement. Bring your car/boat to our repair shop and our auto mechanic will use our professional-grade vehicle diagnostics to find the culprit. The check engine light process is quick, convenient, and informative. You will be presented with the results in a comfortable, friendly manner.

Bring your car/boat to us for all types of preventative maintenance jobs. These include oil changes, windshield wiper replacements, fluid checks and replenishments, belt checks and changes, tire rotations, tune-ups, and other services our experts can provide more information about. We also work on brakes.

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Collision Work

The collision work provided by the experts at KH Car & Boat Mechanic brings smiles to the faces of motorists in the Miami, FL area. Some tell us their cars/boats look better than before the collision happened! How often do you hear that? Actually, we hear it quite often.

Our technicians are specially trained to provide all types of collision work in a timely, professional, and friendly manner. Be certain you will receive a complete consultation about what work needs to be done before it is actually started. You will receive an estimated price and work quote. All the details will be described in an easy-to-understand manner. No work is started without your approval.

We handle all types of collision work. Whether you need a small dent removed or an entire front-end job, we can handle it. Our shop and experts use the best products, equipment, parts, and accessories available. We take great pride in that! It is just another example of how we place quality and customer service first.

Some collision work is covered under insurance. If you are involved in a collision and have collision coverage, our staff may be able to help you. Our staff is trained and experienced in dealing with insurance agents. We can handle the paperwork and dealings to make the entire process easier. Just ask us!

We carry a large selection of collision work parts and accessories in stock. This makes it easy, convenient, and affordable for our shop to provide quick and competent services. Customers continually rave about how impressive our turnaround time is! We love hearing this!

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Auto Body Parts

Auto Body Parts Online

The internet has been witnessed many exceptional changes in the last few years. There is more to get in the present scenario when it comes to collecting the information on any particular topic. Opting for the right auto body parts is not an easy task unless you have taken the right steps while searching for your desired products. Of course, it is wise to consider finding the auto body parts online. Choosing the online shopping methodology will definitely help you save you money and time as well. This is why today more and more individuals prefer to use the web when it comes to seeking any auto part.

There are many online websites available over the internet helping people collect the information on numerous auto part vendors and suppliers. You just need to do proper research about a huge list of the most reputed auto part vendors and choose the one that has the products at an exceptional low price. They have many good affordably-priced options for the users with low budget. So, you don’t need to bother about the money you might have to spend over the purchase of the products you want.

Just type the name of auto part of your car model and you will get a significant amount of information over there. You can spend a few minutes to read them and access to the most relevant ones. When you type the name of your auto part, search engine will allow you to find a number of relevant and useful searches. With the comparison option, you will get an opportunity to compare the prices of the products you want to buy. The internet shopping methodology is of course a wonderful alternative to help you buy the quality auto body parts online at the most reasonable prices.

It is also very important to make sure that in which city or town you are looking for auto parts and accessories. Amongst a number of reputed vendors, you are always suggested to opt for the company which has a good rapport in the market. Type the right product name to get the right product. For example, if you are searching for Hyndai radiator, then it is vital to use the same brand name. Filling up the accurate order details is equally important is as other things do, since if you have entered the wrong address there, then you might have a problem of getting your product timely.

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