Welcome Aboard!

Welcome Aboard!

Kelly-Hanson Marine is the only authorized MacGregor dealer that offers the ability to fully equip and purchase a brand new 2007 MacGregor 26M right on the internet!

Unlike most sailboat dealers today, Kelly-Hanson represents only one manufacturer. We have a tough time understanding the latest trend in selling new sailboats. A circus-like atmosphere with up to a half dozen manufacturers and multiple models to look at. We wonder how a sales representative can truly know his product and what influences him to recommend one boat over another.

Since we only sell the 26M, we know the boat pretty well. As a result, you will find that we can respond knowledgeably and quickly to your questions. Also, we have been able to create several unique and custom products for the boat. Sails, canvas goods, hardware and running rigging just a few.

Our family has been sailing Venture’s and MacGregor’s now for over thirty years. It started in the early 1970’s with the purchase of one of the very first Venture 17’s built. Boy, did we put some miles on her. Despite the weather or sea conditions, that little boat always took care of us. From there, we moved up to a MacGregor 25. This was our first experience with a lot of new toys. Roller furling, electronics such as knot and depth meters, VHF, etc. And of course, there was a real cabin. These two boats created a lot of fond memories for us as kids and ones that we will keep for a lifetime. Since then, there has been a MacGregor 26X and now a 26M. Very different boats than the MacGregor 25 but just as fun, especially when tinkering around with them.

We have always had great respect for MacGregor Yachts. The company has never deviated from its business model. For over thirty years, they have manufactured sailboats that are priced for the average American family. As we look at the industry today, they are the only source for an affordable new sailboat and it is one of the primary reasons they have sold over 35,000 boats since opening their doors.

Our products are built around the same philosophy. For example, before purchasing a new sail or canvas accessory, compare ours with the competition. We think you will find our products are constructed better and cost much less.

We would love to hear from you. Stop by or give us a holler!