The Sail Loft

The Sail Loft

Kelly-Hanson Sails has close to twenty years experience in the development, production and distribution of sails for popular production sailboats. During a normal sailing season, we sell over 1,000 sails for MacGregors, Hunters, Catalinas, Lasers and Sunfish; just to name a few. Our popular line of storm jibs have been purchased by customers from Canada, Ireland, England, Italy, Spain, Greece, Australia and New Zealand. We remain one of the single largest distributors of storm jibs in the world today.

Kelly-Hanson Sails has developed three distinct lines of sails for the entire line of MacGregor sailboats:

Our C1000 Series is an economical, quality built group of Dacron replacement sails. They offer all the features of the factory supplied sails by Doyle plus a whole lot more: Single reef point, standard battens, sail slugs on luff, sail track stop, bolt rope foot, leech telltales. leechline with camcleat, MacGregor insignia, custom sail bag and our limited two-year warranty.

The C2000 Series is an upgraded version of our popular C1000 sail line. They feature a heavier fabric weight, standard battens, two reef points, sail slugs on luff, sail track stop, draft stripes, leech telltales, leechline with camcleat, MacGregor insignia, custom sail bag and our standard two-year limited warranty. A beautiful set of sails with a remarkable price point. Be sure to check out our new C2000 Cruising Spinnaker for the MacGregor 26M and 26X. Its a stunning red, white and blue 10 panel design built with the best Contender nylon.

Our R5000 Series represents the ultimate in performance sails for the MacGregor 26M and 26X. Constructed of Dimension-Polyant Pentex, these high-tech laminates are the epitome for those seeking the very best in sail technology for their Mac. And wait to you see our prices! Its amazing what can be done when you eliminate the middle man.

We take the quesswork and risk out of purchasing new sails for your Mac as our loft has the patterns for each sail. Why is this important? Other lofts may ask you to measure your rig in order to determine a good fit. Others will simply use published specifications for your Mac model and build from them. Our sails are built from actual patterns or molds which insure the best all-around fit.

A word about our prices. We are certain we offer the most sail for the money. If you can find a comparable sail at a lower price, we will beat it. Its that simple!

Save A Bundle! Save 10% when purchasing two or more sails!

Our Sail Inventory

There are very few lofts or distributors that inventory sails today. The costs are simply prohibitive. That’s why you will find it takes from six to eight weeks to receive a new sail when you order one.

We have made the decision to invest a tremendous amount of capital to inventory the sails we offer. That means when you need a new sail quick, we normally have it in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours of your order!